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Spring Break Begins

March 1, 2008

Hello friends!

I am currently at home. I told my parents this evening that I wished I was “home home,” to which my mother replied, “You are home!” but it’s not quite that easy. I am homesick for my purple butterflied room, even after all these years.

We saw Vantage Point tonight, which quite honestly, was amazing. I don’t watch much TV, and when I do I’m usually fast forwarding through commercials or trying to sleep (yes, bad habit. whatever), so I don’t see many movie trailers. I saw the trailer for this once and knew it was a must see. I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

I should certainly keep myself busy over the next week; I’ve got plenty of homework to catch up on. I’m hoping I can find some friends in the cities to play with though, to get me out of the house a few nights next week. I have some friends from school who will be close, but most of them are actually from this area, and so will have their own things to do. We’ll see. Any lovely Minneapolis/St. Paul bloggers want to get together for a drink? Could be fun, no?

Chris Thile and the Punch brothers are playing on Leno tonight. I’ve got the DVR set (I love being home!) and you can bet I’ll be watching live too. Oh, how I heart Chris Thile. Check them out if you’re home tonight. The music is different, but the men behind the instruments are incredible.

Happy Friday night, all!

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  1. wishcake permalink
    March 1, 2008 3:40 pm

    I know what you mean about “home home”. I’ve felt that way ever since my parents sold the home that has all my memories of childhood attached to it. (I’m still slightly bitter, considering they always said it would be the place that their grandkids would come to visit. What happened to that plan, I ask?) :)

    And I thought Vantage Point was amazing, as well. One of the best movies I’ve seen recently!

    Hope you enjoy your Spring Break!

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