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In like Flynn

March 10, 2008

“By refusing to forgive yourself and refusing to forgive others, you are simply telling God that your word is more important than His.”

(that really has nothing to do with the post other than I heard it this morning and liked it…)

So, my weekend:

The friend I went to see this weekend was in a musical production of “Alice in Wonderland.” I had planned on going to see her on Friday night with her boyfriend (who is also a good friend of mine) A. and a bunch of his friends… we tried to get a ticket but couldn’t. SOLD OUT! Which you know, is great for the show, but bad for me. So we scrambled around for something else for me to do that night, and while talking to one of the ladies who helped with the show, she said, “I can’t believe we sold out tonight, with Four Shadow in town and everything!”

And I said: “FOUR SHADOW?!?!”

A few months ago (before I made my 2007 archives private) I posted a music video (which everyone loved!) by one: Kevin Steinman. For good measure, I’m going to post it again:

Kevin and I have a bit of a funny history, and that history starts in my hometown’s middle school auditorium watching Four Shadow perform. I was in the 8th grade the first time I saw Four Shadow, and I thought Kevin was dreeeeeeeamy (as did every other girl in the auditorium). The whole group was really great and after the show came out to sign autographs, talk, and take pictures. At that point, it was all a one-time thing, so all of us just had our fun with the situation.

Four years later, our Arts Council brought them back to town, and we were beyond excited. Some of the personnel had changed, but Kevin remained. I thought he was dreeeeeeeamy. Again, the boys came out after the show to talk and such, and Kevin “remembered our faces.” He may have just been saying that to appease our need for validation, but at any rate, we left an impression with him that time.

Two years later, after the move to Minnesota (about three days after the move, actually), I was wandering through Ikea with my family when I saw a couple guys, one with brown curls popping out from under a baseball cap, wandering as well (though with a little more purpose than we had). We kept crossing paths, and I took notice every time. There was something very familiar, and yet, I couldn’t convince myself anything could be familiar. We were brand new to the area. We knew no one.

Then I heard him laugh.

It was Kevin.

This story has been told before so I won’t tell it again. The real point in even saying this much again is to emphasize the fact that that moment, as silly as it may seem, is where it really began.

First of all, this was an event that inspired the first of many internet searches for Four Shadow and for Kevin. I found both on Myspace and immediately clicked “add friend” in each case. I don’t remember at what point I wrote Kevin to tell him that I had seen him shopping for a desk (and apparently a ceiling smock), but I don’t remember any specific reaction he may or may not have given.

However, once I decided to write the story (M. and I had been reminiscing and I thought it would be a fun tale to tell), somebody found it. If you’ve already clicked on that link, you may have seen it, if not, go back and look at the comments.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re friends. I consider my friends to be people who have my phone number or my messenger ID, or at very least, have some consistent contact with me. However, since then, we have been on each other’s radars. We have a relationship that supersedes that of performer-audience member, musician-fan. He pops by my myspace page now and then to say hey, to ask how the music is going, to let me know when he’ll be close. When I started my music page on myspace, he was one of the first to stop by, and not only did he stop by, he left a note offering me the use of his personal studio.

That’s right folks. In like Flynn.

Of course, he’s a professional musician and I am a college student. We haven’t been able to work anything out. But that’s not the point.

The point of all of this is that when I heard that Four Shadow was in town, first of all, I nearly flipped my lid because Oh The Luck! (And The Irony! as I had pulled my Four Shadow Live cd and my Kevin cd from my shelves for the first time in a great while for the drive home and back, and was then all brushed up on the lyrics) and second of all, I exclaimed, “HOW CAN I GET TICKETS?!”

From then on, it was all smooth sailing.

Well, not really. Because I do not know my way around that crazy little town. But this is also not the point.

I enjoyed the show immensely, as always. This is the third time I’ve seen Four Shadow, but each time four years has punctuated the experiences. Like I mentioned, I own the Live cd, and I own Kevin’s Things to Keep in Mind While Balancing, and so I didn’t forget how much I absolutely loved the music, and especially Kevin’s voice (a topic for discussion certainly, but I have too many wonderful things to say to interject at this particular point), but I did forget how dynamic and energetic Kevin (and the rest of Four Shadow, but again, personnel had changed) can be on stage. It seems silly that I could have forgotten such a thing, since that was originally what led me to such great fandom, but it’s the truth. I was once again impressed, and once again, fell even deeper in love.

After the show, I talked to Jon, who happened to be a “new” member, although he was really an old member, as I’d seen him sing with Four Shadow the first time I saw them in 1999. Then, I tracked Kevin down. He had no idea I was there.

He was actually doing some turning and walking and wandering and head-cocking when I finally caught up to him. Right behind him, I simply said, “Hey, Kevin.” He turned around and I smiled and said, “Hi!” and after a split second of letting the situation register (remember, we haven’t seen each in person for four years, unless you count that day in Ikea), his eyes widened a bit as he said, “Hey! How are you?!” and extended his arms out for a hug. We talked a bit: I complimented the show, he asked about school, and once again, he offered the studio. “I want to help you in any way I can.” He asked, “Are you getting some songs ready?” To which I thought, No, we certainly don’t know each other too well yet. He wouldn’t even have to ask. People buzzed around us; he was approached again and he whipped out the Sharpie and started signing. I could tell he felt like the conversation should continue at least a bit longer, but I couldn’t keep him from his adoring fans! How selfish would that be? So I promised to stay in touch, and a possibility of May now exists.

Of course, I texted M. throughout the whole show. She has nearly always been my wingman (or maybe I’ve been hers) throughout the live concert experiences of our lives, and I certainly had never seen Four Shadow without her. It almost didn’t feel right. But then, something about the situation screamed MEANT TO BE.

Did you notice the pattern? Four Shadow, every four years.

Except I’m hoping I don’t have to wait four more years to see them again. How sad.
At any rate, I’ve got Kevin. And that makes me happy.

And obviously, this wasn’t the only weekend happening. More to come!

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  1. Rachel permalink
    March 10, 2008 4:17 pm

    so… that was officially the cutest story ever. the myspace blog thing? hilarious. i think if that was me, i might have died right there. haha. love the picture too, you look amazing, and he’s a totall hottie. :o)


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