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March 11, 2008

Kevin used the word “serendipitous” on Friday night. Looking back on it now, I believe he was foreshadowing (ha! get it? Four Shadow, foreshadow…) my entire weekend.

After the concert that night, my “date” and I met up with my friend The Caterpillar and her friend, The Five Of Spades.

We had a late dinner and moved on to A.’s apartment, where some serious geeking out was going on. Three boys were in the apartment, two in the bedroom on computers WOWing (yes, I know…) and one in the living room rocking out to some serious Guitar Hero.

But, as usually is the case, it ain’t a party till the girls arrive. Slowly but surely, once those boys smelled the perfume, they put away their games and came out to play. Guitar Hero was the first to put the controller down. He was tall and thin, had an angular, beautiful face with short brown hair and black framed glasses. He joined the conversation and we continued on for awhile as if we’d known each other for quite some time until he finally extended his hand and said, “I’m sorry. [Guitar Hero]. You?” I shook his hand. “Courtney.” He was personable and unquestionably genuine.

Just a bit later, the next boy came meandering away from his computer. No formal introduction happened here, but I felt just as comfortable with the pudgy boy with overgrown curls.

Finally, A. emerged, and soon, the Glorious Game of Three Card Mao began. I’m sorry, but I cannot explain further. I may be penalized if I do. What did happen during this game, though, was the formation of some new friendships. When we’d finished at nearly 3 AM (and really, I thought it was around midnight. Time flew so fast) we all collapsed in place and stared at each other, not wanting the night to end, but not having the energy to continue. Finally, Caterpillar and I decided we had to be on our way, having auditions to be awake and lively for the next day. The boys wished us every ounce of luck they could wish, and that was the last time that weekend I saw my two new boy-ish type friends.

I am truly thankful for the time I live in. I believe that had the internet revolution started five years earlier, my adolescent self could not have handled the drama, but now, I couldn’t live without any of it. When I returned to school and signed onto my facebook account, I had a friend request from Guitar Hero himself. I accepted and said a quick hello, which led to an exchange of letters reminiscent of the 19th century. When writing letters, I tend to write “for my audience,” meaning I have certain dialogues with certain friends that must be kept alive, and I have certain people who chide me for using words as simple as “reminiscent,” so I just don’t. When given the choice, however, I love to whip out my vocabulary prowess and create flourishes of words fit for the Little Women. Nothing is quite so romantic to me as a well-written letter.

As it turned out, Guitar Hero was harboring great artistic devotion just below his surface. We had not spent enough time in the presence of one another for me to know this for certain, but it was a trait of his I had sensed. In the letters, this devotion rose up, and part of his true self became known. Not only am I sure that, if I play my cards right, I have found a new true friend, but I believe I have found a new source of inspiration. He is courageously honest, encouraging, and so extremely intelligent in a way I have only heard tell a man can be. After weeks of thirsting to write, and never quite finding a stream full enough to quench the thirst, I wrote today, and I wrote something with which I am truly happy. To be influenced by someone such as this, even for a brief time in your life, is a truly blessed thing.

I walked into that apartment that night expecting movies, pizza and Mountain Dew, or some other similar situation. I walked out with an inspiration.

Yes, Kevin was correct. That night was truly serendipitous.

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