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Catching Up

March 13, 2008

Last night I celebrated 22 years and one week of life with margaritas and way too much food. I didn’t have the number of people I was hoping for, but I guess when you’re a senior in college and so are most of your friends, and then you throw in that music major thing, since most music majors have 800 times the time commitment of just about everybody, excluding theater people, it makes it a little hard to get a whole group of people together. Four of us went out and had a good time.

The girl I lived with last year brought a card, and guess what was inside it? $15 for iTunes! She knows me so well.

I still have a little left over from my Christmas iTunes bucks, so I’m about to buy two CDs, right now! The first is Josh Ritter’s newest (just discovered him and am IN LOVE) and I’m torn between Trisha Yearwood’s newest and Carrie Underwood’s newest. I think I’ll go with Trisha though, since that one has been on my wish list a bit longer. Carrie’s not going anywhere!

On that note, I would like to make it known now that I have started a new blog! I’m calling it Whole Notes (though I’m not convinced I like it. If you have other ideas, leave comments and help me out!) and it’s going to be my music blog. The other music posts I’ve written over the last few years are going to be transferred over there, and I’ll continue the review writing and such on that blog. It seemed appropriate, especially since most of my music reviews are now in a private blog. I need to get everything changed around.

Once I buy these albums and get a few good listens, you can bet I’ll be writing about them over there. Also, I have yet to write about The Punch Brothers album (I think it’s because I ended up reading a great review and could think of nothing better to say… but I’ll at least put up a link to that one!).

That’s pretty much that. Today is going to be a major slow-down from the last few days. I still have some stuff going on, and a few more things to tell you about last weekend! I’d better hurry, the next weekend is approaching quickly, isn’t it?

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. Gretchen permalink
    March 18, 2008 3:23 am

    Happy belated birthday! Just wanted to pipe up to say I looove Josh Ritter to death. It’s always good to see others who share my love!

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