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Please, laugh, but not too hard.

April 3, 2008

Please, feel free to follow suit and embarrass yourselves. I won’t lie to you, it’s a little fun.

So extremely excited over a fugly Tweety sweatshirt. Good God, did I want a Tweety sweatshirt something fierce. I was 10, okay? Give me a break.

Looking more like I should be jamming out to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” than playing classical sheet music (as shown here) and/or jumping on the bed singing “I Can Love You Better” into a hairbrush, which is actually probably what I did that night.

(However, take notice of the pictures hanging on the wall behind me. That’s my sixth grade portrait, and I still, to this day, think I had an awesome hair day that day. I mean, really, that’s saying something.)

Again, extremely excited, and about what? Oh, the Titanic soundtrack is all. And what’s up with those two little strips of hair I was trying to pass off as bangs? Or rather a lack of bangs? And also, you can’t tell from this photo, but that is an atrocious dress that made my little seventh grade hips look as wide as Montana.

I loved that shirt and always thought I looked really great in it, and even though those bibs didn’t really flatter my figure or anything, I was in eighth grade, and Hi! Peanuts! Schroeder even! Playing piano! (you can’t see. how sad.) When I finally gave up wearing them I cut the front patch off and kept Schroeder. I love me some Schroeder. Evidenced here. And I swear my hair didn’t always look that bad. I was growing out bangs, you can see, and it all did some weird flippy thing that day. Of course, I later went to get it cut all sassy and cute and the lady (who had always done a spectacular job up until that point) completely butchered it and I ended up with SHORT HAIR, which, after the second grade, I vowed to never do again (and I haven’t again since that). Curses!

I loved school this year, though. Who knew kids would actually race to see who could make it to Algebra first? We were so crazy.

I loved that dress. Lord only knows why. Probably because I didn’t know any better. We were all partying it up like rockstars at my grandparents’ 50th Anniversary party. It was the first time I’d seen some of my family get tipsy and actually realized what was going on. It freaked me out a little bit, but also made me giggle to myself. And hey! Look! Same crooked necklace as the last picture! Funny!

That comes to the end of our walk through my awkward years. Some of them anyway. I don’t feel like I was quite as awkward as a lot of kids were. Also, I didn’t hate middle school. I think I’m weird or something.

Do you have photos to share?

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  1. Barb permalink
    April 3, 2008 12:53 pm

    somehow I knew I’d find these pictures here ;)

  2. Hazel permalink
    April 3, 2008 1:57 pm

    well, since i’m anonymous, i won’t be sharing any pictures. and even if i weren’t anonymous, i wouldn’t share my awkward years because they were so hideous! i swear i didn’t become at all attractive until i was about 17.

  3. Rachel permalink
    April 4, 2008 1:33 pm

    ha. hahaha. you’re great. i am going to search around for some pictures from middle school tonight. i didn’t know how to use a blow dryer until AFTER i graduated high school… how sad is that!? really. xo.

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