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Welcome to Summer

June 14, 2008

Oh, Summer. You lovely friend, you.

It really sucks that I don’t have a job because, well, that means I have to be so much more careful about my money than I normally am (what? new Rebecca Lynn Howard release on Tuesday? TOO BAD!), but it’s really nice that I don’t have a job, because I have had a lovely, carefree summer so far; yes, with responsibilities, but I get to do things on my own time and I love that.

Of course the Caterpillar was here this week, and we had a blast. I was the first stop on a two week vacation which involves hanging out in the city of our old alma mater for a few days, then driving home, and then going to CALIFORNIA with her parents. (Why is everyone going to California but me? Seriously?) So, she was a big fan of saving more money than spending it, too. The first night she was here, she called a friend who lives on the other side of the city, and he drove out to see us. We tortured him by making him sit in her car and listen to us sing girly songs (“SIIIINCE YOU BEEN GOOOOOOONE“) at the top of our lungs for at least an hour, and then we headed back inside, grabbed a couple beers and sat around talking for hours.

The next day it was just the Cat and I, and basically, we put on our bathing suits, rubbed in some sunscreen, and laid in the back yard for hooooours. The day also included some guitar hero, and an excursion to St. Cloud to see a friend of ours from the olden days of school, and to have a delicious martini. I didn’t think I liked martinis, but mmmmmmm. I liked that one. The three of us had a great time, and it was wonderful to see this boy, who was always just a constant source of entertainment (nothing’s changed), so the night was definitely worth the drive.

And the NEXT night, the Cat’s friend came back (I don’t even remember what we did the whole day. I just remember that it RAINED.) and we had dinner ready and waiting. So we ate, built a Jenga Tower-O-Doom (as cool as it sounds, yes, but not nearly as eventful) played some guitar hero, had dessert (mudslides! mmmm) watched Chicago, and then watched music videos until we all started falling asleep.

That was that. Man, my body hated me for it, but I had fun.

Then on Thursday, of course, the brother and I drove to Fargo. We hung out with my aunt and uncle for awhile, and then I went out to see a movie with my girlfriend R. What Happens In Vegas is incredibly adorable, and I am usually not a big chick flick fan, especially in theaters, but WHIV was definitely worth my $8 and extra buttery popcorn. Recommended, for sure!

Friday I did a little shopping with my friend K. (no, didn’t buy ANYTHING), had some Cold Stone ice cream, and then went on a hour long walk with my friend C., who then treated me to some mac and cheese. It was good to see these ladies and catch up and remember why I loved them so. And I do love them so. Maybe Fargo wasn’t ever so bad.

Ha. Right.

So, if I’ve been neglecting your blogs over the last week, I’m so sorry. I’ve been occupied. But it looks as though I’ll be back, if only for this week. Who knows what else could happen, right? It’s Summer!

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  1. pilgrimchick permalink
    June 15, 2008 1:04 am

    That sounds like a fantastic time with some great company, and that’s the best kind of summer. yes, granted, no money, but working over the summer many times is vastly overrated. You have money, yes, but you miss out on lots of stuff because most of the time, you’d have to work the days everyone else has off.

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