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I think I’ll call it MontanaRed Music

June 16, 2008

I think I’m going to start telling people I’m “self-employed.” That I do “free-lance” work, and that I “run my own business.” It sounds impressive, and is mostly true in some sense of all of these “terms,” even if I’m barely making any money doing it.

It’s true, I’m making a little money. And in the latest little ray of sunshine fate decided to point at me, I’ve been asked to compose a song for a fashion commercial, work for hire, that really won’t pay much at all. BUT it’s a starting point, and if I do a good job, who knows who will ask next. All because of, you guessed it, “who I know.” A friend of mine is interning at a production company, and when I was in Fargo last weekend, we hung out and did a little talking, and this fashion shoot project they’d been working on came up. She mentioned some problems they were having with music and licensing and all that, and I jokingly said, “just hire somebody to write you 60 seconds of music and loop it.” She laughed and that conversation ended there– Until this morning when I woke up to an email that said, “Um, remember that conversation we had the other day? On our walk? About the fashion shoot? And the music? …. Wanna write some?”

It’s something I’ve never done before and I’m a little nervous about it, but you’ve gotta start somewhere and when you’ve got an opportunity, you’ve got to take it.

Self-employed. Free lance. Rock on.

And while we’re on that subject, have you bought “Better Not Settle” yet?

Remember, I’ll have a 7-8 track album set up here by the end of the summer, so if you’re planning on doing that, save your $.99, but if not, load up! Let me know if you do! I’d love to send you a personal little thank you!

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