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Dear God. Make Adam Brody Mine. Amen, the End.

June 26, 2008

So, I’ve suddenly and unexpectedly (same thing?) become addicted to The OC. I’m sorry. It’s just true. I can’t help it.

First of all, I’m a Gilmore Girls fan, and so have known of Adam Brody for some time, and of course I just think he’s 100 times more than adorable. I think I could marry Adam Brody. Dear God? And while Mischa Barton drives me crazy (maybe just her character? I don’t know, I’ve never seen her anywhere else, but generally I think it’s her) I love everyone else on the show. I love Peter Gallagher, I love Rachel Bilson, and I’m sorry. Did anyone watch Hidden Palms last summer? No? I’m the only one? Well, Michael Cassidy‘s character here is just so much more… likable. In fact, I’m beginning to think that if I don’t end up with Adam Brody, I might be way more than okay with marrying Michael Cassidy (is anyone else wondering if he could possibly be David Cassidy‘s kid? Just me? Hmm).

Anyway, I love it. It’s true.

Currently in these re-runs I am watching, Seth (Adam, dear sweet Adam) is starting, of all the super hot things to do, a comic book. And while yes, it’s really nerdy and all of that, I’ve always had things for boys with weird quirks and adorable nerdy qualities. And the best part is that the comic book is autobiographical, but with superpowers. He’s in it, all his friends are in it, and he’s drawing them and giving them amazingly silly yet interestingly enough, flattering superpowers and it’s all just a very interesting, very cool thing.

And I don’t draw, and I don’t write stories, but I was just thinking about it, and I want a project that puts together all of my friends’ personalities into one very cool little package, to carry with me, and share, and look back at my life and say, hey, those were some good ole days.

I think I know what my next album is going to be.

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