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August 13, 2008

Thanks for all your help yesterday, friends. Taking before shots at this point would be kind of pointless because I’ve already done so much what with the two rearranging/cleaning out sessions, but you already know how awful the walls look. So, I promise to post afters when it’s finally done (I have no idea when that will be) and show you what I came up with.

Some things I did just yesterday to open up the space were really simple things that I wish I’d thought of before. I ended up leaving the keyboard set up, but I lowered it a bit so that it’s not blocking part of the window– instead it’s right at the sill level. I pushed it all the way up against the wall (the stand wasn’t made for the keyboard, is bigger than it needs to be, and I’ve had the keyboard on the front end of it rather than the back) and shoved it into a corner. I have a little corner shelf that my step grandfather made me years ago, and it fit perfectly under the keyboard, so that corner just gained a few feet in length and height.

Also, I’ve had my bed set up like a day bed for a very long time. Not only that, for whatever reason, I was sleeping with my head where the foot of the bed would normally bed. It was really messing up the focus of where your eye should go, so yesterday I flipped everything, put my pillows against the wall at the head of the bed and got rid of the “day bed” look, and even though it doesn’t actually add more space, it adds the illusion of it. I’m happy with that.

Now, on to other things. Minnesota people, this is for you:

I have probably mentioned that Jason Mraz is going to be in the cities in November. I’ve had some intereste but no one has said for sure they would go with me, and since it’s at a club, it’s not really something I want to do by myself. Anyone interested? Tickets are only $30.

Also, Matt Nathanson and Ingrid Michaelson will both be in town, the day before and two days before Mraz, and tickets are $20 and $25, respectively. I can’t go see all three, but if you’re interested in seeing ANY of them let me know. Could be fun!

That’s all!

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