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October 21, 2008

I don’t sing enough anymore, and it drives me crazy.

I found out today that the next few weeks I’ll have a slightly lighter work schedule, which on one hand YAY! but on the other hand– seriously? But I need the money! And even though I’m actually more disappointed than happy about the new information, I have realized that there’s probably a lot I can do with that extra few hours a week.

1. Sing more, not just in my car. Car singing is fine, but I’m not working my voice or my lungs out well, or for long enough periods of time, and it’s getting so that it’s hard to hum pleasantly anymore. That’s not me. I should be able to pull a tone out of thin air when I’m healthy, because I keep my voice in that good of shape. Not so much right now. That’s BAD for a girl who wants to sing for a living and wants to start working at it in, oh, two months or so.

2. Write more. Here, my music blog (and check that out because I wrote in it today), MY SONGS, seriously. I’ve been having some really promising ideas, and I’ve been writing them down, but I’ve hardly had the chance to turn any of them into real songs lately. It’s a big bummer.

3. Finally finish that damn paper for pop/rock. I keep saying I’m going to do it and it keeps getting pushed back because who wants to come home and write a paper after you’ve been working all day? I used to do it, but the need to do so doesn’t seem as immediate anymore, and it keeps getting pushed back, but with an extra hour here and there, maybe I’ll feel like I have the brain power to accomplish more.

4. Work out. It took awhile. My will power lasted much longer than I expected it to, living at home. But my old eating habits have finally caught up with me, and to combat THAT monster, I think it would be beneficial to just start moving more. Not that I’m not on my feet entire days at a time, but I learned a long time ago that that really doesn’t do for you what you might expect it to.

5. Pick up after myself, do my laundry (that’s tricky when you don’t ever have a day off. Really. Like, two days ago I realized I had no clean underwear and had to throw a load in at 10pm. I am not accustomed to this one load at a time crap. I do all my laundry in one day and get it over with.), stay on top of life in general. Yeah. That.

6. Maybe take a trip to Fargo. I keep promising people I’ll be there! Hopefully! When I get a day off! and I never have a day off. So…

What would you do with a few extra hours a week?

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