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Riding on the Diamond Waves

October 30, 2008

Somebody just offered to let me pretend to be this girl:
…and get paid for it.

Apparently there’s a Heart tribute band based out of a nearby town with a tour set to start, dates all the way into September, and they’re losing their Nancy. I’d have to seriously start practicing guitar, but I could definitely do the vocals and I think I could pull of the look…

But I turned them down.

It honestly feels like my life is at such a stand-still most of the time. I mean, I’m 22, I live with my parents, I work retail making pretty much nothing. But at the end of the day, I know why I’m here doing this, and I know that come January, I’m going to be able to really start this thing I’ve been dreaming of my whole life.

If I had no further plan to move out of this place or get another job soon, I would JUMP at an opportunity to hit the road and sing. It’s an opportunity I’m fighting myself from jumping at right now. But I know that this kind of thing could lead nowhere. Yeah, I’d be able to gain experience onstage as a part of a band, and that could never hurt, and being guaranteed to be paid just to sing? Even if it’s not much, that does fulfill the “I just want to be able to live on music,” mantra I’ve been chanting over the past decade or so. It’s not about being famous, and hell, I could handle the road.

But I didn’t even have to think about my answer for more than 30 seconds. I join this band, I stay in Minnesota, and maybe the band tours enough that they’re able to keep it going for years, and that’s what I write on my facebook profile under employment: Nancy Wilson, Heart Tribute Band. Or, I could move to Tennessee, be with a friend who has been expecting me for quite some time, write some songs–on my own, with friends I’ve already made and friends I’ve yet to meet–do studio time with Fiddler, fall into Bluegrass, fall into country, fall into my own musical identity– and even if I have to find some other way to make ends meet first, even if success never finds me at all… that’s a chance I can’t take. I love to sing, and to be on stage, even to act, and if you think about it, this is as much an acting gig as it is a singing one– but my true passion is to create music, not recreate it.

So come January, I won’t be Nancy Wilson.
I’ll be Courtney Olson.
I’ll never regret that.

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  1. Maxie permalink
    October 31, 2008 3:08 am

    Way to go… although I’d go see a heart cover band any day :-)

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