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Gonna find a way to you if it kills me

November 21, 2008

Things I forgot to mention last night, though I will inevitably forget even more:

  • The lyrics to “The Dynamo of Volition” received a tiny makeover. The original four lines go like this:

    I’m tryin’ to keep with the Joneses
    While waiting for guns and the roses
    To finish what we all suppose is
    Gonna be the shit for so many

    The new ones go like this:

    I’m tryin’ to keep with the Joneses
    While waiting for guns and the roses
    To finish what we all suppose is
    Gonna be released NEXT TUESDAY

    In allusion to, of course, the elusive Guns’n’Roses album Chinese Democracy. Only about a quarter of the crowd understood what was going on with that, which was a damn shame.

  • Artists ALWAYS shout out to the city they’re playing to. I remember one of my friends getting so pissed after a Tracy Lawrence concert because his set lists were taped to the stage and more than visible to those of us in the front row. On top it stated, “You are in Sidney, MT.” The realist in me said, well, yeah, but think of how many places he’s never heard of he ends up playing to in a week. Jason, though, without the help of a list taped to the floor, threw Minneapolis into a rap along with St. Paul and their suburbs. He shouted out Shakopee. In rhythm. I am now officially impressed.
  • Have I mentioned his rock hard body yet? Let me just say, ROCK. HARD. BODY.

Two other little disappointments:

  • His hair. It was so short! This is probably because it’s easier to take care of while you’re traveling around the world and the fact that he’s just growing up and doesn’t need a big mop of curls– but let me just say I loved his hat, and it would have been so much sexier if I could see some brown curls peeking out in the back.
  • He’s still campaigning for Obama. I get that he’s excited and proud and whatever else, but the election’s over, and I think he’s taking a risk being not even so open but so forward about his support with his fans at shows. On one hand (like I mentioned before) he said “We’re all here to have fun and forget” and then a half an hour later he had to project the man’s face and everything. I respect the fact that many people are very excited about the president-elect, and I respect the president-elect himself for earning that title, and I expect him to do a decent job in the white house. That doesn’t mean I’m excited about it and it took a little something away from the show.

Okay, I won’t promise this is the end of the Jason Mraz blogging (do we remember me last year with the Nickel Creek show? It went on for weeks.) but I promise to at least make me next post something non J related. There you go.

In the mean time, do you have thoughts about seeing your favorite musicians campaign for specific candidates in election seasons, whether live or just through the mass media? Are you for it or against it. Carrie Underwood loses all respect for artists who do it. Trace Adkins thinks if you want to say that kind of stuff you should keep it off stage and write a book instead. Obviously J Mraz is totally cool with letting his Obama flag fly. What do you think?

By the way, this is what one looks like after seeing the musician of her dreams live and in person. What she dreams about that night? Well, we’ll keep that to herself.

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  1. Brice permalink
    November 25, 2008 6:21 pm

    I’m so jealous of you going to see Jason Mraz!! I’m impressed he could even pronounce “Shakopee”. I remember I was at a huge outdoor concert with thousands of people and the lead singer for Better Than Ezra got up on stage and said “Heeey Minnesota, whats up!” (We were in Wisconsin) oops.

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