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December 3, 2008

In other news, wine is more dangerous than you think it is. My mother is laughing at the absurdity of one little sample-sized wine cube. I don’t even care. It was delicious and I deserved it.

In OTHER news, I have decided what I definitely want to do with my life pre-famous-songwriter-and-possibly-performer.

I want to be a voice teacher.

No really! Me! A hater of teaching worth A Classroom Full Of 7 Year Old Boys! (not a really interesting story, and not really long either, but significant anyway.) I want to teach voice!

Really, though, I just want to be Miss Maggie, with a little Dr. R thrown in. They were the best voice teachers EVER and I loved them for all the things they taught me and all the things they inspired me to learn, and it went way beyond vocal technique. I want to be that person, and I can’t believe it didn’t all occur to me sooner. I really can’t.

Private Voice Instructor.

I think the title suits me.

Anyway, I’m going to move to Tennessee mid-to-end of January, and I’m going to get a retail or serving job as guaranteed income (the company I currently work for is not located near enough to my chosen place of residence, so sadly no transfers are in the works, but I’d love to go back to Cracker Barrel) and I’ll start building a roster of students. I’m excited about the possibilities and already have tons of ideas not only for finding students but for awesome things to do once I have them:

  • Christmas recitals at retirement homes!
  • A backyard spring barbecue and mini pop concert!
  • An end-of-the-winter good will donation recital with all proceeds being divided equally among my seniors as scholarship money!
  • Food drives!
  • Field trips!
  • Songwriting Lessons!
  • FUN!

And the best part is, they (whoever “they” are) say that teaching something is the best way to learn it, and I have to admit that I could use a little learning, or at least re-learning, in the vocal department.

My future roommate wants to teach too, fiddle (it’s not Fiddler. it’s just that if you know One Fiddler, you seem to know Them All), and so it might even be fun to combine recitals here and there.

I just have so much enthusiasm for this idea. It’s the first twinkling of a career that I’ve had that I’ve actually been excited about. Excited!

And I promise, I was excited before the wine.

Is there anything you’ve been excited about lately?

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  1. Warrior Poet permalink
    December 5, 2008 12:07 am

    That’s a mighty long blog roll you’ve got there.

    But I’m glad I’m on it, and thanks for reading.

    I love the song, by the way.

    I had three voice teachers, one that didn’t care, then one that did, but was sort of an anal retentive prick, and the last one was magnificent. We got along really well AND I learned how to sing better.

    Best of luck.

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