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December 14, 2008

The holiday party was last night.

Yes, THE holiday party, because it was so amazing that no other holiday parties should even be allowed to put themselves in the same class as this holiday party.

Holiday Party!

Maybe that’s not true. I mean, there was the annual cop-shop shindig back in Montana, and Santa himself showed up to that party. And then chased a bunch of 13 year old girls into the bathroom shouting “Sit on my lap! What do you want for Christmas this year, sweethearts?!”

Oh, I’m not even kidding.

The point is that the record label I worked for all semester had their holiday party last night. I supplied the Guitar Hero (and parties are never boring when Guitar Hero is a factor) and they supplied the wine. Oh, delicious wine. Also, I had my first slice ever of macaroni-and-cheese pizza. Everyone I mention it to thinks it sounds crazy and Actor (yes, did I forget to mention that Actor was my date to The Holiday Party?) refused to even take a bite, but I’m telling you, it was Heaven. Cheesy macaroni flavored Heaven.

And did I mention the wine?

We had a good time.

There’s something else I want to kind of mention and don’t know how appropriate it is but since I don’t really work there anymore, I say hey, when could this ever create an awkward situation? NEVER! (that will come back to bite me in the ass in approximately 3.74 days, I’m sure.)

There’s this guy who works there, like, actually gets paid to be there and doesn’t just come to hang out and write stupid blog posts and watch youtube like the interns (we did more than that, I promise!) and I’d have to say I’m very intrigued by him. He’s something of a man of mystery, at least to me, but there’s something about him, and last night, I just really had this… strange feeling. It was a feeling I’d had regarding him before, but I’d never really acknowledged it. I blame the wine. The party started to clear out (meaning the actual staff was still hanging out but the interns kind of all just… disappeared all at once) but of course Actor and I stuck around because my playstation was still hooked up and going strong, and I didn’t mind one bit. Actor and I were just chillin’ on the couch, conversing like we do, and we were all taking turns switching off on the game. Some silly girly ridiculousness started happening, which I was not a part of, but I ended up just watching the giggle-fest go down for a few seconds before I glanced across the room and saw this guy observing the same thing as I was, but also observing my observations. I held his gaze for a moment, we both smiled, and I looked away.

I know a few things about him, but not much. Not as much as I know about the other staff members I’ve worked with. His office is in its own little corner, so it wasn’t nearly as common to just walk by his office and hear “Hey Homegirl!” coming from within as it was some of the others. We ended up in one conversation together in the entire semester I worked there, and even then, I couldn’t think of much to add– I was with two other boys who LOVED to talk, so I just kind of sat there taking in what I was hearing. He always seemed very aware of me, though. Like he was analyzing me. Like maybe I intrigued him too.

It’s funny, because it reminds me of this situation I found myself in right after I started school at MSUM. I developed a huge crush on someone I’d barely spoken too. It just seemed like there was some sort of weird connection between us– honestly, that’s what it was like with Actor too.

So I guess the whole point of this is that I feel a weird connection to him though we’ve hardly spoken to each other. He and Actor hit it the eff off last night, though. I’m glad they did, honestly. One of the big reasons I invited Actor to join me last night, besides the fact that he’s my favorite ever, was that I knew that even though the music industry and the theatre world aren’t directly connected, there might just be some opportunity for him to network while he was there. And he pulled it off. With the the guy I’m drawn to.

Of course, unlike the few other situations like this one I’ve been in, it never once occurred to me to even kind of explore what the connection meant. I never flirted with him. I was more shy than anything. I kind of just remained semi-anonymous. I realized last night after our little eye-lock moment, as my head was laid on Actor’s shoulder, that acting all cuddly with Actor wasn’t the best way to further explore this other connection, and then I surprised myself by realizing I’d never even thought of it til then.

I’m not the same person I used to be. It’s for sure.

Anyway, I guess I’m just thinking out loud and rambling now. I’m tired and should really go to bed– last night ended up being long. I have more stories. Hopefully I can tell them tomorrow.

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  1. bigskygirl permalink
    December 14, 2008 7:25 am

    and what she didn’t tell you guys is that the guy who played santa? undertaker.

    not kidding. not only did we get chased into a bathroom by santa, we got chased into a bathroom by santa the undertaker.

    sweet dreams.


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