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A Lovely Goodbye… for now

January 10, 2009

I said this a few days ago. Maybe I said it yesterday. I can’t remember. But it really is a shame that I have to leave Minneapolis just as I’m starting to get familiar with it and finding all the things that make it worth loving. I should have done it all sooner.

Last night I went out with a couple of the girls I went to school with for a little Bon Voyage kind of celebration. There was a band from Fargo playing, and we knew of few of the guys, so we decided to head into Dinkytown to the Downtime Bar and Grill to see them play. I’d never even been to Dinkytown. I’d heard people mention it but had no idea what it was. I came to find out that it’s a great little community of businesses next to the University campus, which means tons of 20 somethings, tons of entertainment, and very cheap alcohol. Why had I never been there before? Why?!

Because I’m just not cool enough, I guess.

Anyway, the music was great, the $5 pizza was delicious (but unfortunately I forgot about my stomach’s new distaste for dairy until I was almost half way through the pizza. I didn’t feel so good this morning. ish.) and the company, as always, was wonderful. We saw the boys from the band, who were expecting to see the girls I was with but were not expecting to see me, and so it was really fun catching up–not that I knew either of them well in the first place, but we had our fun little memories here and there. We also ended up sharing a table for part of the night with a piano player from a band we all saw together a few months ago. S had promised to introduce me to him eventually, and eventually was last night. He’s an awesome guy, headed to grad school this semester to study psychology. I love it when you meet people and they have a whole new layer to them you’d have never guessed was there.

It always reminds me of that conversation between Shrek and Donkey– “Ogres are like onions.” “But nobody likes onions! How about parfaits? Everybody likes parfaits!”

I’d say our piano player would definitely be closer to the parfait.

I took my camera but hardly took any pictures. This makes me sad but it’s okay– we were having way too much fun to worry about putting the party on pause to pull the cameras out for too long.

Oh. And I learned to play darts. Kind of. If any of you EVER end up playing darts with me, let me just warn you. Stand behind me.

That is all.

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  1. nicoleantoinette permalink
    January 11, 2009 5:21 pm

    Moving is always difficult. Unfortunately, not appreciating something until the last minute, until you’re nostalgic and almost forced to, is quite common.

    Try to just enjoy it all while you can though!

    Oh, and that’s my favorite Shrek scene.

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