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January 24, 2009

I’ve been a Martina McBride fan since “My Baby Loves Me.” I have that record on cassette tape. I still love it.

After Wild Angels, though, I kind of got distracted by everything else going on in country music. I still know every single she’s ever released since then, but I didn’t go out and buy the albums…

Until I saw her singing “Anyway” on the CMAs. And it made me cry like a big baby. (also, watching it again, I’m crying again. I’m seriously a big baby. But “sing it anyway?” Oh. MAN.) I bought Waking Up Laughing the day it was released.

And now, friends, she’s done it again.

I just emailed my dad with a link to this video and said,

“Daddy, can I be Martina McBride when I grow up?”

This woman is my hero.

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  1. curlygirl613 permalink
    January 25, 2009 5:13 pm

    I think you might like Jamie Floyd and Rachel Thibodeau. Rachel’s written a couple things for Martina, and Jamie has a similar style.

  2. reederscorner permalink
    January 25, 2009 6:35 pm

    Martina McBride = Love

  3. courtney permalink
    January 25, 2009 8:09 pm

    I do heart Rachel. I’ll have to look Jamie up.

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