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Another letter.

January 29, 2009

I wrote myself a letter last night.

In all the letter writing I’ve ever done, I’m not sure I’ve ever written one to myself.
It was about time.

I emailed it to myself, and as soon as I got myself out of bed, I walked over to my computer and I read it again.

I’ve read it about five times now, and I keep marking it as unread, because I know in the next hour, the next day, maybe even the next week, I’m going to need to read it again.

It’s something I’d normally repost here (normally? didn’t I just say I’d never done it before?) but it’s full of some really specific information that I can’t seem to edit out without ruining the meaning of the entire letter.


You know I went to see the Punch Brothers on Tuesday night.

The last song on the encore, and the last song on their latest album (unless you have the version I have, and I don’t know what version I managed to find, but it has an extra song at the end…), Punch, is called “It’ll Happen.”

Lyrics are short and sweet:

It’ll happen
It’s gonna happen babe
But it hasn’t happened yet
I’m not gonna let you get
ahead of yourself
It’s your Achilles heel
Though I want it as bad as you
We’ve gotta try to see it through
Our own excitement
Your excitement babe
Hasn’t let that happen yet
and it won’t if you forget
What happened last time

Lyrics and music are written by Chris Thile.

It’s like when Chris wrote the song, he was writing it about me. It applies to me in every way imaginable.

When I wrote my letter to myself, I said, “Courtney, chill the fuck out.”

But this is so much more eloquent, no?

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