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Nashville Bloggers!

February 3, 2009

Saturday I made my first solo trip into Nashville to meet up with some AMAZING ladies. The number of bloggers I’ve met in real life jumped from three to eight in one afternoon. And I loved it. I loved them. It was incredible.

I had already kind of come to a general conclusion about the people of Tennessee, but getting to hang out with these ladies just reinforced that conclusion. And here’s what I told them:

The saying up north is that people in Minnesota are “Minnesota friendly.” We moved to Minnesota from Montana, and most of my family had lived in North Dakota at one point or another too, and the conclusion we all came to was that people in Minnesota were the same as people in Montana and North Dakota: not necessarily less friendly, but certainly not any friendlier.

However, none of those northern states holds a candle to Tennessee.

The people who claim Minnesota is the friendliest state in the country have NEVER been to Tennessee. There’s just no way.

And like I said, these ladies proved me right. If every person I meet from now on is half as lovely as any one of the girls I spent my afternoon eating and talking and giggling with on Saturday, I’d say the rest of my time in Tennessee should be wonderful indeed.

So, thanks to Tipp, Hilary, Blonde Amblission, E.P., and Liz. Let’s do it again soon, ladies!

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  1. Tipp permalink
    February 22, 2009 12:30 am

    I want to do a ghost tour!! I say we do that next! (Evil laughter!)


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