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Wait and See

February 8, 2009

(wrote this a few days ago, but since i’ve been posting so much lately i decided to save it for a day when i didn’t have much else to say. i’m not even feeling so much like this today, but i still like the way it’s written… so i’ll let you read it anyway.)

I’m grasping at thin air, begging for attention. And I hate it.
I hate what you do to me. You’re not even doing anything.

Maybe I’m putting all of my frustration in one place, and it’s easiest to direct it at you, because well, that way I can blame it all on someone. That’s not fair. I know it’s not fair.

But it doesn’t mean I can help it.

We’ve been through this cycle before.
Every time we come around, it’s better than the last time.

But it takes so long.

It’s like being stuck in a northern winter, waiting for spring.
And when spring comes? Oh my.
The birds sing.
The earth comes alive.

And then just as quickly as it comes, it goes.
No real explanation.
No proper goodbye.

And I’m left waiting for spring again.

Waiting for you again.

You aren’t a sure thing.
Not as sure as spring.

But something in me is telling me to wait.
To hibernate.

There’s something in those stars, and I think it says, “you and me.”

Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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