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March 1, 2009

If you’re one of my google friends and you use google reader, you are privy to my “shared items.” If you’re not one of my google friends and/or don’t use google reader, don’t feel bad or anything. It’s not insightful or meaningful most of the time. It’s kind of sporadic.

However, those of you who do get to see them may have seen a little gem today from the that simply said: “The Nashville area is forecast to wake up to as much as 2 inches of snow.”

Silly thing to share, really. But it made me happy.

First of all, the Montanan/North Dakotan/Minnesotan (Northerner) in me is saying, “as much as? did you really just say as much as and then follow it up with a measly little 2 inches? y’all gotta be kidding me.” But the Montanan/North Dakotan/Minnesotan (Northerner) in me who happens to have been in the Nashville area for the past month and a half is exclaiming with glee, “As much as 2 inches! yahoo! Maybe I will wake up and see snow! It will be like Christmas!

To some of you, it’s no secret that I’ve missed the snow.

Which is funny, really.

The snow and cold have killed my car and left it useless for weeks at a time, forcing me to bum rides off of roommates, use the dreaded Fargo/Moorhead bus system (surprisingly frightening) and make frantic phone calls to people who I know are in the middle of events and shifts at work to come get me from the damn mall already because it was 0 degrees when I got here and good god would you believe the temperature just dropped 25 degrees in the last two hours and my car won’t start and I can’t feel my face and all I wanted to do was get my hair cut today good lord. Even when the snow hasn’t rendered Baby (my car. And nobody puts her in a corner) completely useless, it still makes life as someone who is responsible for a motor vehicle a living hell. There is some extreme sort of injustice in the world when for some reason you still don’t own a pair of snow boots and you’re traipsing through a foot of snow in ballet flats while the wind whips at your face just so you can open your car door, dump all of that snow on your already freezing snow covered feet, climb in, pull out the ice scraper, and start cleaning the mounds of snow off of your car– and then, get this– you have to make it to work in the next twenty minutes and you’d better not end up in a ditch on the way and you’d better be pretty when you get there. And then, sometimes you’re in the middle of a two day drive to the south with a car full of your life and you’d rather not be leaving Illinois for a number of reasons, snow being at the top of the list, and Indiana doesn’t seem to believe in snow plows and you get to add two hours to an already eight hour drive because you have to drive thirty miles an hour and also, your windshield wiper fluid is frozen because it was unnecessary all summer and never got changed out to the winter formula because for all you know about taking care of your car in the winter in the North, the fact that there were different wiper fluid formulas had somehow completely slipped past you and those semi trucks in the next lane are throwing dirty snow at you and it’s not really easy to see through the windshield but on account of all the damn snow there’s really no good place to pull over and make it, you know, clear again. And don’t even get me started on parking.

Needless to say, I have done my share of complaining about snow.

I always said I was moving south, and that always made me particularly happy during the winters when I’d think, “Only so much of this left. Only so much.” This winter especially I trucked on through because I knew I wouldn’t even have to see the worst of it. The worst of it is always in January, and I was leaving in January! Bye bye, Winter! It was nice knowing you! Maybe we’ll meet again someday. People would say, “Oh, you’ll miss it,” and I would say, “HA! I will not miss this! I will not miss it at ALL.”

Y’all, I miss it.

Not so much the cold. That I don’t miss. But the snow!

My mom, my brother, my Minneapolis tweeps and everyone else in between told me all about the Snowpocalypse this week and I found myself feeling nostalgic and yes, jealous. Jealous of the snow! And I thought to myself, “no, you said you wouldn’t miss it. You don’t miss it! You don’t!” But the news kept coming and the photos and the twitpics and all of that gloomy whiteness was all over the place and I just had to sigh. Snow. Beautiful, white, fluffy snow.

We know how to do winter up there.

The thing I miss most about the snow, of course, is the part that the North hasn’t even gotten yet, but something I thought maybe we’d never get. And I’m still not sure we will– I don’t think it will be the same. It’s that smell, you know? That smell when the end of March and the beginning of April finally roll around and the sun starts shining just a little bit warmer and the snow melts and soaks up into the ground and the creeks fill up and flow and there is just enough room on the sidewalks to ride your bikes and there are puddles of fresh, cold water to splash through. It’s the freshest smell on the entire planet, the smell of snow melting in the cool fresh air.

I hate winter, but winter is the reason I love spring so damn much, and spring just isn’t going to be the same without the snow.

So ANYWAY, when I found out it was supposed to snow tonight, I decided to risk letting the neighbors see into the house and I left the blinds open after dark. There was cold rain coming down and I wanted to see it turn into snow.

Once it finally did, I couldn’t contain myself. I couldn’t help it. I pulled my Minnesota winter gear out of the closet, slipped on my damned ballet flats because what’s the point of having snow boots now, right? And I went outside.

And I might have danced a little.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Just Playing Pretend permalink
    March 1, 2009 6:40 pm

    I’m at the “Complain about snow all the time, get me out of Utah” stage of winter. So I’m glad someone is appreciating the moisture.

  2. Eric Shonkwiler permalink
    March 2, 2009 5:25 am

    Snowpocalypse is a great word.

  3. mary evelyn permalink
    March 2, 2009 2:10 pm

    i hear ya about the snow. i start complaining about it (mostly the cold though) around the end of january. but without having to go through winter, i wouldn’t appreciate spring and summer as much as i do :o) almost there!

  4. Emily permalink
    March 2, 2009 2:13 pm

    I love the snow. I hate the cold. Unfortunately, as everybody know, snow and cold usually go together. Especially here in Minnesota. I think snow is beautiful… it’s no fun trudging in the dirty, greasy slush on the way to the bus stop the day after a snowstorm, but in general snow is beautiful. :) So yeah. Hate cold, love snow!

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