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Honorary Blog Boyfriend

April 5, 2009

So I kind of got the impression you guys actually wanted me to choose one of you.


It’s funny because I’ve thought about it much more than I anticipated I would.  I mean, it’s all just a silly excuse to do a little online flirting, right?  And a few of you who answered my questions are actually married or in serious relationships and in those cases it’s more just an insight into what guys are like in those kinds of relationships, not flirting at all.

I guess I just never thought I’d have so many of you fill it out, and I certainly didn’t expect to actually have to choose.

Seriously, guys, it’s a lot of pressure!

Sure, I’m not choosing a real boyfriend, but if you guys are anything like me sometimes you stop and realize the play flirting has turned into real flirting and you’re not so sure how you feel about that.  It’s even weirder when you involve the internet because, Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m Courtney and, oh, wait, I’ve never actually MET you. Awkward.  But I’m telling you, some of your answers were that good.  I’ve definitely got it narrowed down, but I’m not sure what my motivation is or should be for making the final pick.

Maybe I should write up a job description.
Because really, what would it mean to be an honorary blog boyfriend anyway?

Follow-up question:

What would being Courtney’s Honorary Blog Boyfriend mean to you?  How would you execute this responsibility?

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