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Things on Walls

April 21, 2009

dscn4927A. BSC – 2006
B. MSUM – 2008
C. Fiddler is in the middle – three buddies on the verge of summer, drinking margaritas out by the train tracks.  north dakota, may 2007
D. My dad was the varsity/jv golf coach.  go Eagles! (i think this was 2005)
E. Em and me at DARE graduation in 5th grade. I refuse to remember what year that was.
F. Em, 2006.

dscn49281A. Jason Mraz ticket – The Myth, Minneapolis, November 2008
B. Dollar origami – a tip I never had the heart to unfold, summer 2007
C. Me and my cousin’s daughter – “Cousin Party” July 2008
D. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
E. Construction paper butterly, “From: Taylor To: Courtney” Spring 2004. She was five or six.

dscn4929A. Here’s your one chance, Fancy, don’t let me down. – Reba, North Dakota State Fair, Summer 2007
B. Photo booth, me and Dee – Summer 2007
C. ARIEL The Mermaid, Under the Sea – Actor was in charge of making the name tags that year – Spring 2006
D. Roomie’s grandmother bestowed upon me a lovely housewarming gift. This was part of it.
E. Me and my cousin’s son. Hanging out – July 2008

dscn4930A. Part of Roomie’s mom’s housewarming gift.
B. Punch Brothers ticket, signed by Chris Thile himself – January 2009
C. Melismatics CD Release w/White Light Riot ticket – The Fine Line, Minneapolis, November 2008
D. “Miss Courtney, Thank you for your nice service and nice smile.” – best tip of the day, summer 2007
E. Beautiful. A gift either from my mom or my dad’s sister. They both gave me very similar crosses, can’t remember which is which.
F. “Our lives are before us… Our past is behind us… But our memories are forever with us.” Class of ’04 was a poetic bunch.  Looking at this picture I see a mommy, a grad school student (speech therapy), a newlywed, a kind of newlywed-slash-mommy to be, a future English teacher, a singer/songwriter, and a photographer on her way up.  I had a pretty amazing set of friends.
G. “CHICAGO JUNE 25-28” Hell Yes.
H. Engagement photo of my senior prom date – who happens to be the girl in that photo, not the boy.
I. “Props 2: Courtney for playing the accordian.” Props was a dorm community thing. The accordian was no game. I really played. In front of people. Yeah.

I still have boxes full of stuff that didn’t make it to the wall. Maybe I should go find some more corkboard…

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  1. April 22, 2009 8:09 pm

    For a minute I thought it was the same cork board in different stages of its life, but it makes sense when you think of them as a team.

  2. Shelley permalink
    April 27, 2009 10:12 am

    Still kicking myself for not making the trip back to the Cities to see Mraz at the Myth… for either of his shows. Arg.

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