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Where to Start…

May 13, 2009

Do you know what has been really hard about this whole… situation?

I came here wanting to open a voice studio.  I had visions of a home studio in my head, because from the time I was in the second grade until I graduated from high school, I was taking piano and voice lessons in home studios.  I feel at home in a home studio.  A home studio feels right.

But my lease says “no.”

And I haven’t been able to find a really feasible option otherwise.  Roomie and I were talking tonight about how much more money we could be making if we could just be teaching lessons- it’s what she’s been doing for years, and I’ve done it without ever getting paid for it, so why not jump in?  It’s what I want to do.

I want my real, grown-up job to be TEACHING VOICE.
It’s so perfect I can hardly stand it.

Create my own schedule, spend day in and day out with music and music and more music, give other kids the gift I was given as a kid– the joy and wonder learning to play and sing brings.  And somebody really special to share it with, to look up to.

and Retirement Home Recitals to spread the love around.

I’ve mentioned this before.

Since I started college, I’ve thrown around the idea of becoming a business owner.  It’s funny.  To me, being a business owner has been the “rock star” dream everybody else seems to have.  A silly whim.  Something you’re pretty sure could never happen.  The singing/songwriting thing has been my “realistic” venture.

I’m turned around and crazy like that.

I didn’t believe I’d be capable of running a business, but you know what?  That’s because I was trying too hard to think of what kind of business I should be running.

I was trying to be cool.
Completely and totally unique.

Oh no.  I’ll have none of that.  That scares me.  That just screams Danger!

But I have a need and it is NOT being fulfilled and considering the fact that I know three other people who are in the exact same position as I am and I have talked to others in the past few months who have expressed the same concerns… well…

There is a need and it needs to be met.

But I don’t know where to start…

Well, yes I do.
Mostly I just don’t have the money.

That’s a recurring theme in my life lately, isn’t it?

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  1. May 17, 2009 9:45 am

    Where to start:

    Advertise without an address.
    Teach your first few students in your…apartment? House? If you aren’t near your landlord or super, who will even know? If you are… smart about scheduling.
    Make enough money for a deposit on a space.
    Get more students.
    Be able to advertise *with* an address.

    As someone who let it happen to her, I tell you: DON’T let the lack of money dictate your career!!!

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