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Oh, Happy Day

May 15, 2009

The ultimate plan was to be in Chicago this weekend.

And… obviously that didn’t work out.

I made a whole lot of plans a few months ago expecting to have a few extra hundred dollars a month coming my way and those dollars just never did come.  I’ve been trying to steer clear of discussing finances around here because that’s personal and it can get messy, but we’ll just say that I thought I’d be able to make it Chicago this month, and it didn’t happen.

I’m truly disappointed because my reason, my beautiful, cheerleading, life changing, blonde bombshell of a reason to play meet-in-the-middle this weekend had some incredible, mind blowing news to share, and I had to hear it over the phone.  You know, I’ll take a good phone call… but when you were expecting to hear a voice without the scratch and crackle of cell waves and 900 miles between you, it’s just a little less vibrant, in the end.

She and I hardly ever get to talk as it is.  She is talented, and hardworking, and a bit of a jack (or jill) of all trades.  When she throws herself into something she throws herself in head first.  Combine those qualities to the fact that she graduated last weekend, had multiple music rehearsals and performances as both director and performer, played the lead role in Cabaret, had a senior recital to contend with, and finally had to figure out a moving situation and a student teaching situation, well, the girl’s been busy.  That has all meant that when she did have free time, it never seemed to line up with mine.  We try to talk.  It just doesn’t happen.  I miss her face like crazy, miss driving around town with the windows down singing “Since U Been Gone” as loudly and terribly as we can, and hanging out at Taco Bell at 1 am playing the movie quote game and laughing at drunk people. I miss her.

But today she called, and I put down the guitar I’d been strumming away at to answer, and the moment I heard her voice it was like…

angels singing.

I mean, I’ve never actually heard a choir of angels, but this girl’s voice reaches out and grabs my heart and throws it up so high that I’m sure it comes within spitting distance of Heaven.

I knew she had news to tell me, and I already had a pretty good clue as to what that news might be… but I let her move the conversation toward my inevitable happy dance on her own terms.

And when we got there, she said,

“So…. I need a maid of honor.”

It was as if she’d asked me to marry her.

And all I wanted to do was jump up and down and cry and hug her and say “Yes!” and “Congratulations!” and… I did all of that.

Except the hug part.

And that’s the most important part, you know?

I miss her like crazy.

But my best friend is GETTING MARRIED.

And for that, I can be nothing but overjoyed.

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  1. May 16, 2009 2:31 am

    hi, came across your blog from 20SB. listened to some of your songs, you have a great voice! keep it up… :)

  2. May 16, 2009 9:26 am

    so. a few things.

    1) LOVE the new setup. very much so.

    2) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! maid of honor is AMAZING!! and, congrats to the friend as well.

    3) i’m sad that you couldn’t get to chi-town. (am i even allowed to call it that? probably not. but i did it anyway)

    4) if our finances work out, you and i also need to see each other sometime this summer. gah. money. ;oirnioaehf. that’s how i feel about that.

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