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June 4, 2009

Forgive my one-track mind a bit longer, will you?  We’re getting closer to the finish line.

I didn’t record a single thing yesterday.  You probably know why.  I did manage, at about 10:30 pm, to finish editing through a few that I’d already recorded, though, and that felt pretty good.  I created a playlist in iTunes, named the album, and now, along with the three from about a year ago that I’ve already told you I’m adding, I’ve got seven songs.

Well, eight if you count the one I finished this morning.

Since I missed yesterday, I decided today was the day to tackle two and get caught up.  The contrast between the two songs I did turned out to be… well… incredible.

I haven’t had a real plan about how I’d record these, in what order, anything like that.  I sat down and made a list of all the songs that I’ve been holding on to, doing nothing with, and came up with just a few more than ten.  I’ve been looking at the list each morning and just picking one.  I figured if I could just go with it, the ideas would come a little more easily, and I’ve been right.  I’ve tried to make these tracks sound like they belong together, and I think for the most part they do, but they’ve all got a little something different going on and I like that.

But today I pulled out something really intense, about a year old, and I just went at it.  It’s harsh.  It’s really harsh.  I don’t know how else to say it.  That one needs one more track and a mixdown and it’ll be ready to go.  But right as I got to the last track, I got a little distracted by the ukulele propped up against the wall.

Harsh and ukulele do not mix, and so I looked at my song list for something I could play ukulele on.

And I found nothing.  Really.  These are mostly songs I wrote long before the days of the ukulele, so I don’t know that I expected to find anything perfect, but I thought I might be able to adjust here and there if need be.

So I went searching through my notebooks for things I might have overlooked and finally came across something I had purposely ignored because I really didn’t like the piano part.  When I ran through it on uke, though?

Oh. My.

That one is tracked and mixed and done.  On the playlist.  And I’m really excited for you to hear it.

Except you know? The two songs I did today?  Switched off in a matter of minutes?  They don’t sound like the same person much less the same album…

But really good sequencing should take care of that.
Let’s hope I’m a really good sequencer.

I’d also like to mention that the response I’ve already gotten to this project has been incredibly overwhelming.  I’ve got people I knew in high school popping out of the woodwork and other friends I haven’t talked to in years, people I don’t even know donating and spreading the word.  I really feel like I should be using this for something bigger than my own benefit.  It doesn’t feel quite right.

You know I had a job interview a few days ago, and depending on how that turns out, I may or may not be able to make the road trip anyway.  Not knowing is stressing me out a little bit, but that’s life.  If I don’t end up going, the money I make (and have already made) this time around will be going to charity.  If I do get to go, I am most certainly doing this again, this time for someone’s benefit other than my own.

So, I need suggestions.  What charities or causes are you passionate about? I want your opinion especially if you already donated or are planning to.

Four more days.

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  1. June 5, 2009 1:39 am

    CHARITY WATER! It’s fantastic!

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