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And then I woke up with Prince in my head and that terrifies me as much as you might imagine…

June 5, 2009

I had a strange dream last night.

My grandmother had moved from her house in my hometown into my old house.  The 903 house.  She brought my piano with her and put it right back where it belonged.

Thanks Grammy. Always knew I loved you for a reason.

I was there to visit and my cousin knocked on the back door so I ran up the stairs to greet her, because of course the entire house was set up exactly as if we all still lived there and I was downstairs playing Oregon Trail on the old computer while CMT pure played in the background.  She looked at me with disgust and asked, “is that what you’re wearing tonight?” and then I suddenly remembered, I was there to play a concert!  That very evening!  And I’d forgotten!

Right.  Like such a thing could ever happen.

I’d also forgotten to book the auditorium at the school and Mr. Choir Teacher wouldn’t let me have it at such late notice even though he loves me dammit, so my grandma offered to hold the concert in the house.

So my cousin took me out to buy clothes, and I got all cute, and when I got back, the living room had turned into some sort of gathering area with bleachers for people to sit and my keyboard was set up as was a drum set and my piano was pulled out to face us as well.

I don’t remember who was sitting at the drum set.

Phil Vassar was playing my piano.

And I walked in and the place was packed and I was like “I never thought ten people would show up! Wow! People are amazing!” And everyone cheered and I tried to give a speech about how floored and awed and amazed I was but my cousin just pushed me out and was like, “They don’t care. Play.” And then me and Phil and the drummer proceeded to play “Love” to them.

We honestly weren’t very good.  You’d think in my own dream I could rock a song I wrote and know like the back of my hand, especially with Phil playing along.

Not so much.

But everybody loved us and left a little cash on the way out.

I don’t know what I had on my mind last night besides sleep deprivation and a good 15 or 20 minutes of trying to convince someone that Montana is not Canada.  But I guess in the end the whole thing was a little like the project I’ve been working on, in that all of these people showed up to hear me play when I never expected they cared at all.  It was exciting and nervewracking and made me wonder if what I’m doing was really worth their support.

The way we screwed with that song, probably not.

But let’s hope that the real life version of what’s going is just different enough that the music comes out pretty, huh?

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