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A Path…

June 20, 2009


I’ve been laying in bed thinking of the stories from tonight that need to be told.

After a night like tonight, I usually do come straight home and blog it all out– it settles me down and allows me to actually sleep.  Tonight I decided against it because there was too much to sort out and I didn’t have a coherent beginning or end or anything…

and the one story I REALLY want to tell is just not appropriate for this blog.

Because I am so not anonymous.

So what can I tell you?

Tonight I found a fellow Tetris nerd– though I had no qualms about announcing that, “I’m better.”  He just laughed.

I had to explain Twitter and the concept of twirting so that I could sing my twitter song– and much to my pleasure, parts of that song are apparently truly entertaining even to someone who had never heard of Twitter until the song came up (I know! shocking! never heard of twitter?! I swear I wasn’t visiting him UNDER A ROCK.)

I sang some kickass harmony to the Doobie Brothers’ “Long Train Runnin’.”
And also to the Pure Prairie League’s “Amie.” (my daddy would be so proud.)

I discovered I really can play piano if I’ve got the right kind of music and the right start to it… or at least I’ll be able to really play piano if I can keep playing like that and figuring it out.

I had a blast playin’ some of my own songs and hearing LEAD GUITAR with them OH MY GOSH GIMME MORE NOW.

And I got to slip in some sweet ukulele with a few of his originals.

And then I played “Fireflies” on ukulele and was when I was done, was promptly asked to become a wife.
I very politely turned him down, for many, many reasons which I will not account for here, but it was sweet and flattering, none the less.

Stories were told.  Skynard was idolized.  I gushed about train songs.

And he decided we’re gonna do this again.

In front of people.

He’s already got a regular weekly gig and it’s not like it’s a big deal kind of a gig but really, everyone’s gotta start somewhere and if he wants me to sing with him, I say hell yes.

So, it looks like I might just become a singer after all.

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  1. June 20, 2009 10:55 am

    Wow that’s exciting! Very exciting!

    Never heard of twitter? Even my mom’s heard of it!

  2. Just Playing Pretend permalink
    June 21, 2009 4:22 pm

    I read this while listening to your version of Martina’s I Just Call You mine. There was something ironic about it thought I’m not sure what it was. I love your music. Every. Single. Day.

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