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Guest Post: I Miss Back When

June 26, 2009

When I asked the general public via twitter who would like to take over my blog for the rest of the week, I genuinely hoped JPP would volunteer.  She’s genuine and beautiful, and never fails to make me smile.  She’s one of the bloggers that I immediately fell in love with the moment I found her, and I’m absolutely thrilled she raised her hand.

Now, I swear on all that is good and holy that I gave these girls no direction whatsoever when they volunteered to take over my blog.  However, something about my blog must scream MUSIC (huh, wonder what?) so I’ve got another musical musing for you, though this one takes a different road home.

And here to show us the way: JPP!

Hello there all you lovely bloggers!  This is JPP and you can regularly find me over at Just Playing Pretend.  While the fabulous Courtney is away in Chi Town living it up, I am here as a designated blogger.  Even though I’d rather be getting drunk and rubbing shoulders with fantastic peeps somebody has to take one for the team.

Seriously though, Courtney is one of my favorite writers because of the eloquent way she expresses herself.  It’s a little intimidating to mix my sloppy thoughts and random writing style in with hers.  So, in order for me to feel comfortable I decided to stick with a common theme here.  Music.

Like Courtney, I am obsessed with all things musical and find myself being inspired daily by lyrics, catchy beats, harmonies, and the like.  I’m a fan of all genres and types of music but deep down in my heart I am and will always be a country girl.  The other day I strayed away from my typical playlists on itunes and busted out some of my high school day CDs.  Of course I was drawn straight to the original love of my life, Tim McGraw.  As I was floating down memory lane the song, Back When, came floating through my speakers.  For those of you unfamiliar with this song, it is Tim’s humorous approach to reminiscing on the more simplistic ways of the past.  The catch line repeated throughout the song is “I Miss Back When.”

As I sat listening to the lyrics I couldn’t help but think of my adolescence and the more simplistic way of life we lived then.  Today I’m going to take you back and give you my take on things I miss back when…

I miss back when quality family TV entertainment included classics like Saved by the Bell, Full House, and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire.

I miss back when pizza night was a rare exciting occasion with just dad and the kids when Mom was out for the evening.  We’d build a fort, rent an old classic movie like Singing in the Rain, and cuddle together with popcorn for hours.

I miss back when summer nights were spent at the baseball park cheering on my brother.  The whole family playing with the dogs and blowing bubbles in the backyard.  Picking peaches from the peach tree and eating so many our stomachs were sour.

I miss back when I had my ten best friends’ phone numbers memorized by heart and we would chat party line for hours.

I miss back when if you liked a person you would walk up and tell them.  You dared to do this because you weren’t worried about them Facebook messaging the world with the news and tweeting all their pals about it.

I miss back when Velcro shoes and legging stretch pants were fashionable.  They were so damn comfortable.

I miss back when I knew all my neighbors and we waved every time someone drove by in their old rusty pickup truck.

I miss back when life was a little slower and we took more time to just sit back and relax.

So that’s it for me here today.  Before I go though tell me, what do you miss from back when?

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  1. June 26, 2009 11:03 am

    I miss snack time and coloring whenever I wanted.

  2. June 26, 2009 11:23 am

    Obviously, I could list a million things (as I do, every day) but I used to always watch Singing in the Rain with my dad, too! To this day it remains one of my favorite movies. It always brings me right back to my childhood.

  3. June 26, 2009 11:56 am

    I love all of the things you miss (especially the RARE pizza night–now we can have it all the time, and DO!). Life seems to move faster and faster as we get older, and just as the WORLD gets older.

    I miss playing in the creek down the road from our house for HOURS making up crazy stories whereby my brother and I would act out “Romancing the Stone” machete- hacking through the undergrowth and pretend we were Spiderman and his arch-enemy and stuff like that. I miss running around in cut-off shorts with no shirt and getting a kick-butt tan (at age 5, oorrrrr maybe a little older). I miss going to the bank or the post office or the store for the sole purpose of INTERACTING with the clerk behind the counter, instead of doing it all automated.

  4. June 26, 2009 12:03 pm

    I miss the structure of not having so many choices. Back when I was a kid we were only allowed 1 hour of tv after school so we had to compromise and decide what we REALLY wanted to watch.
    I wish I had the self-discipline to establish that kind of meaningful structure for myself again.

  5. June 26, 2009 12:42 pm

    Night Court and Thundercats. Nouf’ said.

  6. Sebastian permalink
    June 26, 2009 7:17 pm

    Ah, you see, this is where the whole ‘refusing to grow up’ thing comes into play!

    I mean, I’m older and certainly wiser, but I’ve not stopped doing something ‘just because I’m too old for it’. Life would be mighty dull if we stopped doing things simply because of peer pressure… ugh!

    Making forts and eating pizza is still fun, y’know! Who’s to stop you doing it…?

    But hey, I guess reminiscing is healthy too. As long as it’s not the only thing you’re doing… :)

  7. June 27, 2009 1:23 pm

    Those ten best friends from grade school?

    Yeah. I STILL have their numbers- and their birthdays- memorized.

  8. June 28, 2009 11:43 pm

    Courtney- Why businesses don’t participate in an organized snack time is something I will never understand.

    Mara- Our dad’s must be the greatest! Singing in the rain with my dad is something I will never forget.

    Sassy Britches- Admit it. It was last week that you were running around in cut off shorts and no shirt. I know how you are. ;)

    TMC- The rules associated with childhood made life easier didn’t it. I never really thought about it that way but it’s true!

    Justjp- THUNDERCATS! I forgot about you my friends.

    Sebastian- You caught me. I’m just a remincer not a doer. Time to stop that. You wanna make a fort and eat some pizza? I’ll wear my superwoman mask.

    Lilu- Well look at you miss show off. I’m lucky I know my phone number and birthday. It takes work.

  9. June 29, 2009 2:49 pm

    totally agree with the memorizing BFFs phone numbers by heart. i miss full house too. it was such a great series.

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