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September 19, 2009

In the latest installment of Courtney Tries To Build Her Resume, Love Her Life, and Save Some Money So She Can Stop Needing Any Extra Help From Her Parents, Courtney finds yet another resume bullet point-slash-source of income.

Let’s just recap for a moment:

Retail job: Check.
Teaching Voice: Check.
Playing gigs: Check.
Writing/selling songs: Check.

Good? With me?
Keep in mind those are just things I’m getting paid for in some way or another, and not necessarily very much. There’s more I’m doing completely for free.


So my newest venture is….

(drumroll please!)
(that’s how I’d imagine you’d spell a drumroll.)

A freelance writer-slash-editor!

And my first job is editing a young adult novel.

And… you might not hear from me for a few days because that’s what I’m gonna be doing.



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  1. September 19, 2009 6:13 pm

    Awesome! Good for you. Please keep us all posted on how it goes!

  2. September 19, 2009 7:35 pm

    Whaaat? That’s great!

  3. September 19, 2009 9:21 pm

    Congratulations, lady! That’s awesome! Best of luck being an editor!

    And I cannot wait to see you!

  4. September 20, 2009 10:07 am


  5. Taylor permalink
    September 20, 2009 10:33 am

    Oooh exciting stuff!

    Congratulations :)

  6. tabithablogs permalink
    September 21, 2009 12:09 am

    SERIOUSLY?! I have been trying to get into the editing realm since the day I graduated college in ’07! How did you do it?

    And congrats! I’m sure it’s going to be a blast! Can’t wait to hear more about it…at least I’ll be able to live vicariously through you. :-P

  7. September 21, 2009 10:17 pm

    That’s awesome! Congrats — can’t wait to hear which one it was :)

  8. September 22, 2009 12:27 pm

    Of course the congratulations are in order, but am I the only one who f’n lost it and choked on my coffee laughing after you spelled out a drum roll?

  9. September 25, 2009 4:18 pm

    Dang girl, that’s awesome! Congrats! And I’m totally jealous.. in a nice friendly sort of way. :)

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