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The Ripple Effect

October 11, 2009

Can one person change the world?


Can one person do everything that needs to be done all alone?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the world is a pretty gigantic place.  I’m going to say no to that one.

But people who build communities, who lead others to positive thinking, to further action, who believe in something and shout that belief from the rooftops… nothing in this world is more effective.  Reaching just one person means you’ll never know what real impact you’ve had because that person then has the potential to reach another, and it becomes this huge ripple effect.  The ideas get bigger as they spread exponentially from person to person until those ideas are so widespread that they actually become an integral part of this society… of this world.

But it all has to start with one little drop in the water.

I know a few truly amazing people whose drops in the water have directly affected me, and I’ve done my best to keep the ripple moving.

What are you dropping in the water?

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  1. October 11, 2009 7:16 pm

    sometimes i feel like i’m not doing enough. but then i think that maybe by encouraging others, i’m doing good? and then i think about how someday when i’m not 26 and un-independently-wealthy, i will be better. so now i do what i can. we have a huge united way campaign every year and i upped my donation this year — and i always donate to the hometown boys and girls club, and dollars for scholars — i got one of those scholarships, and i’d really like to pay it back.

    in other news, this is what RJ is doing for his bday — very philanthropic, i thought.

    • g2-af8ce5995d5588d1ee3b257945aed709 permalink
      October 11, 2009 10:57 pm

      i think it’s important too to remember that changing the world doesn’t have to mean giving an organization our money, even though i’ve given money to some very worthwhile causes. simply raising awareness for things we believe in, striving to change attitudes and habits, leading by example when it comes to things like buying local, driving less, smiling at strangers… there is always something we can be doing to create a ripple or to keep another ripple going.

  2. October 12, 2009 9:12 am

    I feel that my blog will do that ripple for me. It’s my window to the world. :)

  3. October 12, 2009 5:08 pm

    If there is strength in numbers, a bunch of water droplets make a cup, and a bunch of cups make a bucket, and a bucket in a pond makes a splash.

    So it is paramount that not only should we pay attention to what we’re dropping in the water, but that we should be dropping these things in the water with others who are doing the same thing.

    For, you know, a bigger splash.

  4. October 12, 2009 9:54 pm

    Inspire others to do something great by running one mile at a time

  5. October 13, 2009 9:19 am

    i completely agree that one person can change a lot. love this post.

  6. October 13, 2009 1:44 pm

    Optimism. :)

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