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The Girl


I’m Courtney Olson.  If you’ve found me through other places around the web, you might know me as courtney903.  903 is the number of the house I grew up in, if you’re wondering.  Many assume it’s an area code or maybe just that there were already 902 Courtneys on the web when I chose my screen name.  Not so.

I’m a Montana girl.  I’ve lived in North Dakota and Minnesota, and currently reside in Tennessee- the Nashville area.  I’m a singer, a songwriter, a piano player, a ukulele novice, a lover, a dreamer, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a writer, a watcher, a baker, and a blogger… among many, many other things.

This blog is a very real and honest representation of who I am.  It is not a complete picture by any means, but be assured, it is accurate.  I’m here to share my stories and thoughts through my words and my music so that you might be reminded of yourselves, and in that, I might touch your life or you might reach out and touch mine.

Stick around awhile, say hello, and let’s get to know each other.



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